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Promotional Halloween Sweets – Devilishly Delicious Collection

Chocolate pumpkins and owls, black caramels, packaging adorned with images of black cats, cobwebs, bones, and pointed hats. This collection of 18 Halloween sweets surprises with creativity and provides brands with a unique opportunity to transform their advertising campaigns and amaze customers with creativity.

Halloween is a holiday that has gained many fans over the years. Fancy costumes, decorations, makeup, and the characteristic custom of children knocking on doors with the question „trick or treat.“ The Halloween atmosphere is unique and lends itself to fun, regardless of age. And, of course, a sea of sweets!

Halloween in marketing – a holiday of creativity

For brands that consciously build modern communication, Halloween is an opportunity for real-time marketing. It’s worth noting that the specific style of this holiday allows us to incorporate many bold and distinctive accents into marketing content, making advertising campaigns created for this occasion stand out and be more memorable. Halloween is all about fun and coming up with imaginative ideas – it’s worth taking advantage of this opportunity.

Since we have the opportunity and a pretext to change our advertising message and surprise customers with original ideas, we need the right products to realize our bold concepts. At SLODKIE, we know what our customers need, and we are prepared for any occasion, including Halloween.

Custom Logo Halloween Sweets

Our Halloween collection is full of exquisite chocolates, pralines, lollipops, cookies, and caramels in surprising shapes and with unusual decorations. Since these are promotional sweets, all packaging, as well as some products, can be personalized to give them unique characteristics and display your brand’s logo.

Chocolate pumpkins, skull-shaped chocolates, chocolate owls, and black caramels are just a few suggestions from our line of advertising sweets for Halloween. Funny, playful, and sometimes even grotesque candy shapes are just the beginning. Because these products are created for promotional campaigns, packaging plays an important role. For Halloween, we let our imagination run wild and prepared several graphic design options for each package. The designs were created by a well-known artist, Anna Rudak. The packaging features the typical colors of the holiday, including shades of orange, black, navy, and dark green.

The packaging designs are dominated by Halloween symbols such as skulls, cobwebs, black cats, pumpkins, and more. All boxes are made from FSC-certified paper, and we offer a choice of white, kraft, or ecru paper with added grass fiber.

Ready for a coffin break?

Incredibly creative prints are not the only thing that distinguishes the packaging of Halloween sweets. Their unusual shapes also grab attention – coffin-shaped boxes or display-type packaging will certainly appeal to modern brands looking for unconventional solutions.

Are you looking for corporate chocolates to enhance your afternoon coffee break at work? In our Halloween edition, we recommend chocolate skulls enclosed in a coffin-shaped box 😊

Promotional Halloween Sweets – Best Quality

At SLODKIE, we love experimenting with form and design to surprise our customers with original ideas for promotional sweets. We always maintain a high level of quality. All our chocolate sweets are made from top-quality gourmet chocolate, certified by Cocoa Horizons, which means that the cocoa beans come from sustainable cultivation. Our chocolate does not contain palm oil or preservatives.

The candies are made from caramel created in our own Caramel Workshop using a proprietary recipe. We do not use artificial coloring.

The graphic decorations on the chocolates are made with edible and completely safe food inks from certified suppliers. These inks contain no animal-derived ingredients, are GMO-free, and have the highest safety certification for pharmaceutical and food use. We apply a very thin, imperceptible layer of decoration that does not alter the taste of the product.

Promotional Halloween Sweets – For What Occasions?

Halloween sweets with logos are perfect for serving at corporate parties or business meetings during the autumn season. Customers will undoubtedly appreciate such a gift as a thank you for their patronage. Black caramels will look beautiful on a reception counter, welcoming guests to the company. This is just a portion of our suggestions for how to use corporate Halloween sweets – we invite you to explore our Halloween offer to choose the products that best suit your brand. Our Sales Department specialists will answer any questions regarding products, personalization options, and candy selection.

Check out our Halloween sweets!

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