Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that Słodkie Upominki is filling orders and shipping them on time while simultaneously maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.
As the producer of our own advertising sweets we have complete control over every step of the entire production process:

  1. As a part of our longstanding and ongoing commitments to safety and quality we have been working for many years in accordance with the BRC Global Food Safety Standard, the most stringent set of requirements in the field of food production safety.
  2. We use only specialised, certified disinfectants.
  3. All surfaces and machines are regularly disinfected.
  4. Our employees regularly disinfect their hands and use the all the appropriate work clothing. (Gloves, caps, masks, work clothing, and any other specialised equipment as required.)

In connection with the current coronavirus outbreak we have implemented all recommendations for workplaces introduced on March 14, 2020 by the Chief Sanitary Inspector. In addition to the Chief Sanitary Inspector’s recommendations we have introduced our own increased safety procedures, i.e. closed our company’s headquarters to third parties, introduced special procedures for shipments to and from our warehouses, suspended in person meetings until further notice, divided the company’s headquarters into security zones, and introduced additional procedures for using and disinfecting common areas.

Our team is working remotely whenever possible, or on a rotational basis, to minimise contact. Our rotation is designed to maintain the level of our safety and quality inspections, and the speed and responsiveness of our customer service.
Please take care of yourselves, loved ones, and coworkers just as we are trying to look after ourselves, loved ones, and coworkers. By following safety recommendations we can minimise our shared risk. We wish everyone health and safety in this troubling time, and hope for a better future!
It is said by some that eating chocolate boosts the immune system, so, as we say as a toast in Polish, “Na zdrowie!”, “To health!”.

With all our best wishes,


Słodkie Upominki Ltd.