Ekspansja na rynki Zatoki Perskiej marki SLODKIE


At the beginning of January 2021, Słodkie Upominki will be presented in a new version as SLODKIE – with a new name, logo and sweet colors.

We know that relationships are an essential element to achieve success. In SLODKIE we understand relation as a network of connections between people, regardless of whether they are our suppliers, customers or partners. At the end of the day, good emotions have the biggest influence on building business relations. SLODKIE will help you to evoke emotions with our sweets. After all, nothing arouse emotions more than a little bit of sweetness.

SLODKIE is not only a supplier of sweet gadgets – SLODKIE is your creative partner which enhances the effectiveness of your marketing activities. We will show you how to build business relations using our sweet gifts, therefore our moto is: Linking business with delight.

SLODKIE is one of the most experienced and innovative brand in the promotional gifts industry. That’s why, for our Partners, we ant to offer our knowledge and creativity in this field. We advise and co-create solutions that meet needs of our clients.

We are changing to emphasize that good relations, human kindness, optimism and positive emotions are as important as excellent market results.


Linking business with delight.